Tracking & Sound

This Map uses location and geodata, to visualize the noise-pollution on my occasionally driven tracks in Potsdam. To measure the data I used my Phone with the help of a decibel-measuring app as well as the Komoot app to track my location.


The data got merged. Than it was uploaded to CartoDB which is a fantastic tool to visualize data. From this point on, it was just a question to shape the data which is great with Carto DB: Basic things can be done with the help of a wizard, if you want to go deeper you have the possibility to modify parts of the css file as well as the html file

I think it's really nice to see the noisy and calm places of my routes through Potsdam. If more data would be generated, a picture of din and silence can be created. But it's already nice to find a calm route through Potsdam, especially if you're not aware of Potsdam's streets. ;)


Thanks to Prof. Marian Doerk, Alsino Skowronnek and Till Nagel who gave the class and me a great introduction into the world of mapping. It definitely wasn't the last time I'll apply the tools and the experience I learned in these 2 weeks. A special thanks to Till Nagel who helped me so much to get the data sorted and merged properly. Thanks for this great script, and for sharing your processing skills with me. I really learned a lot from you.